Because of the glorious Lord Jesus Christ, true life now—and eternal life forever—is yours to know and enjoy. What the Scripture reveals about Him is worth more than all knowledge, all riches, and all happiness in this world.

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Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21

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August Fellowship Picnic

Last week, Grace Church hosted its third fellowship picnic of the summer season with lots of fun activities and food for young and old(er) alike. The theme was Raising the Bar where a hotdog and sausage feast, including various toppings, were the highlight of the eating frenzy followed by generous portions at an ice cream social with mega topping choices. The day featured beautiful weather once again, and while we continue to marvel at God’s goodness in giving us unseasonably favorable weather, we ultimately are grateful He continues to allow us to meet and fellowship—the true spotlight of any of these picnics. Also, not to be outdone by eating festivities, there was a limbo contest that all age groups could enjoy… and many did just that.

Of course, we also experienced some sadness as we said good-bye, or better yet “see you soon,” to our many college-aged loved ones. Sarah, Katie Cr., Shellby, Stan, Amy, Katie Ch., Alysia, and Daniel headed to school, so we will not see their faces on a regular Sunday basis. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see them when they come back for semester breaks or full-time jobs! We also had the opportunity to thank and honor Katie Ch. and Alysia for their faithful and encouraging service every Sunday evening as they ministered to the younger children. It is a wonderful reminder of God’s continued graciousness and kindness of giving children to us to raise, and then to see them grow and mature to form their own lives.


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Our Story on the events leading up to Grace Church’s formation

BBQ Sauce Competition and Picnic – Grace Church Style!

A BBQ Sauce competition judged by a [self-proclaimed] hillbilly and an old west lawman, and won by a German sauce — what a world we live in!

This quote from Tim Knots, one of our elders, says it all. The second fellowship picnic was a smashing success—due in part to record attendance, some of the most amazing pulled pork contributions, and a BBQ sauce competition which took on a life of its own. Read more

Check out Ted Bigelow’s new post at
The Church’s One Foundation:

The Ephesian Mandate

Studying Theology Matters (Whatever Your Nationality)

Below is about a two-minute video of an artsy yet truthful perspective on why studying theology matters. I hope you’ll take a minute (or two) :) to check it out. This is appropriate for any age. My six-year-old loved it. It’s in English regardless of what’s written. (HT::Bijbelgemeente Ebenezer: a great church in Belgium)


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