Because of the glorious Lord Jesus Christ, true life now—and eternal life forever—is yours to know and enjoy. What the Scripture reveals about Him is worth more than all knowledge, all riches, and all happiness in this world.

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We are located on the University of Hartford campus. Please join us this Sunday! For information, call us at 860-904-5757.
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Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21

Most Recent Blog Entries

“Who Can Do The Impossible?” (Mark 10:23-27)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on the second Sunday of Advent, December 9, 2018.

What is impossible for people is possible with God. Such a declaration—underscoring at least His omnipotence, if not His willingness and His love—is fundamental to a biblical portrait of God. We often think of God’s omnipotence in the context of overt miracles like parting the Red Sea or the Virgin Birth. But the Bible teaches God also demonstrates omnipotence in the saving of sinners. There are at least two reasons this must be the case. First, God is perfectly holy, and we are not; indeed, we cannot meet His high standard on our own and so we need a perfect alien righteousness that comes to us apart from our efforts or initiation. Second, our hearts are spiritually dead, rebellious, and God-hating by nature. How is this to be remedied apart from the sovereign, overcoming power of God? The answer, to the renewed mind, is obvious. Read more

“Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler II” (Mark 10:17-22)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on December 2, 2018.

Jesus came to save the lost. In His glorification between the Advents, He sends out His people to continue His saving mission: “As the Father has sent me, so send I you” (John 20:21). The professing church has existed for 2000 years and has had unparalleled institutional influence on culture, especially in the West. This has created many religious (to varying degrees!) but lost people. Some think they’re saved because they were baptized as a baby and have not killed anyone. Some think that God overlooks their sins because He knows no one is perfect. They have any number of excuses, rationalizations, and evasions to justify their unbelief, their external religiosity, and their refusal to come under full subjection to Christ through His covenant text. Read more

“Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler I” (Mark 10:17-22)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on November 25, 2018.

The United States, along with much of the West, experiences a unique, spiritually-charged state of affairs: No other part of the world has as enduring a Christian influence and history (though Africa was vibrantly Christian long before the gospel took full root in the West, the violent encroachment of Islam as well as lingering paganism obliterated Christianity in that region almost entirely until the modern missionary movement) while simultaneously having so thoroughly and aggressively apostatized from that privilege. While the influence of Christian theism on the West in general and America in particular is indelible and has shaped the consciences, worldview, and affections of millions of people, the current state of affairs in our fair nation is anything but open to a fully robust Christian worldview. While God is still at work, and not every place is equally capitulated to the spirit of the age, there is a deeply-rooted and harsh anti-Christ system that paints every institution and cultural endeavor progressively more bleakly. Read more

“How to Enter the Kingdom” (Mark 10:13-16)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on November 18, 2018.

That God has a kingdom in both heaven and on earth, one over which He rules with uncontested sovereignty as Lord and King, and which is inhabited by all intelligences both human and angelic which have bowed the knee in obedience to Him, is the grand theme of Scripture. This kingdom was established in Eden; endured after the Fall in all those who yielded to Him in faith; narrowed to Israel and its divine unconditional promises in the majority of the Old Testament; was enlarged upon and would one day find ultimate consummation through the many prophecies that contributed to God’s total promise; was idealized in the reigns of David and Solomon (both being in different ways a type of the ultimate Messiah and Seed of David); clung to by the remnant before, during, and after the Exile; and was the hope of the thousands of godly, saved Jews through four hundred years of silence until God sent His final OT prophet, the Baptist, to prepare the way for His incarnation. The promised kingdom was near, John cried to the penitent thousands in the wilderness. Those men and women, along with Mary, Anna, Simeon, Joseph, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and many others were the godly remnant who had always carried within themselves the hope of complete fulfillment of all God had promised. They comprised the kingdom remnant in the time between the Covenants. Read more

“Marriage, Divorce, and the Gospel” (Mark 10:1-12)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on November 11, 2018.

Marriage is one of the most common and least understood relationships in human experience. Over its millennia-long history, no relationship has been more misunderstood, misused, abused, or twisted beyond God’s original intention. If we believe in a real devil (and we should), and that God ultimately designed marriage to be a deeply profound, physical portrait of His union with His people (and He did), then the myriad distortions and misuses of the marriage relationship ought to be understood as a direct attack on a gospel-proclaiming divine institution by the Enemy of God and men’s souls. We must also realize that this attack did not begin with the push towards homosexual “marriage.” At least in our own nation, an increasing secularization and undue emphasis on personal fulfillment reshaped marriage as an autonomous, inward-focused relationship revolving around the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of the individual parties, sexually and otherwise, rather than a one-flesh union designed by God to say something to the world about Him and that was positioned outward, towards the welcoming of new life. Read more

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