Because of the glorious Lord Jesus Christ, true life now—and eternal life forever—is yours to know and enjoy. What the Scripture reveals about Him is worth more than all knowledge, all riches, and all happiness in this world.

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We are located on the University of Hartford campus. Please join us this Sunday! For information, call us at 860-904-5757.
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Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21

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God’s Loving and Beautiful Plan for Women (Titus 2:3-5)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Tim Knotts on March 11, 2018.

“Grace is always the antithesis of the culture.” So went one of the especially pithy and memorable statements I heard from a favorite preacher. He was right. We often think of grace as simply the unmerited favor of God to sinful men and women—and it is! But grace is more than that; it is also a dynamic, sovereign, effectual, authoritative, conquering power that is mightily at work in, for, and through believers because of the work of Christ and in spite of their unworthiness. Grace is God freely and lovingly working on behalf of His chosen ones. And that grace both covers our sin and transforms us from root to branches into the image of Christ as expressed and outlined in the New Covenant law-word. Read more

The Secret Kingdom (Mark 4:1-12)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on March 4, 2018.

Surely the grand theme of the Bible is the glory of God through the advancement and establishment of His kingdom. This undergirds every book in your Bible, with many implications, aspects, nuances, arguments, exultations, exhortations, commands, and responsibilities tied to it. Of great importance is the progress and development of this doctrine once our Lord became incarnate at His First Advent. For in His teaching—both from His own mouth as well as what He moved upon His apostles to leave in their letters to the churches—He makes very clear that the glorious eschatological kingdom promised in the Old Testament has become an inaugurated, partial, but actual reality in and through Him. God’s people are to go throughout the world proclaiming the rule of that kingdom and its King to all (how little does the kingdom feature in our preaching and teaching!) and the epistles give the inspired interpretation, implications, and application to the whole of our lives in discipleship. Read more

“Family Ties” (Mark 3:31-35)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on February 25, 2018.

God did not merely create human beings to be in relationship with Himself (though that relationship is primary and anterior to all that follows and is secondary). He created us also to be in relationship with other human beings. There are many glorious facets to this. Part of it is because we are designed to need human companionship, touch, love, and intimacy. Part of it is because we are designed to be in and as the image of the living God, and there must be someone else to whom God is to be imaged. Part of it is because God has much for us to do to establish and advance His kingdom, and that cannot be done alone. (That marriage was created in the context of all of these realities should convince us how profoundly important that relationship is; however, the fashionable evangelical idolatry of/colossal overemphasis on marriage and the immediate family is not only extremely American and modern, but is increasingly a direct attack on the whole counsel of God and must be called what it is: sin.) Read more

“Jesus: Madman, Demon-Possessed, or Lord?” (Mark 3:20-30)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on February 18, 2018.

Who we understand Jesus to be has profound and inexorable consequences for both this life and eternity. In this life, whether we understand the Lord Jesus to be a mere man, the prophet before Muhammad, the virgin-born Messiah who is not God incarnate, or the one true God of the Old Testament manifest in flesh to die for sinners and rise to rule God’s earthly kingdom will shape not only what outward religion we associate with, but by extension our understanding of the Bible, morality, life’s priorities, the definitions of sin and righteousness, God’s authority and right to command us, and more. For eternity, arguably the chief ramification of our understanding of Christ is where we will spend it! While only God knows the heart, someone with a faulty understanding of Christ can have no confidence their home in heaven is secure. Read more

“Jesus’ Soveriegn Choosing of the Twelve” (Mark 3:13-19)

Following is a reflection by David Alves, one of our members, on the sermon preached by Pastor Erik on February 4, 2018.

That our Lord would entrust the execution (and to an extent, the very success) of His mission to fallible, sinful men is perhaps one of the most shocking things in all of Holy Scripture. You see, our Lord’s personal mission was in one sense very narrow: He was to become a man (while of course remaining fully the eternal, Almighty God), live a perfect life in obedience to God’s holy Law, die as a substitute for sinners, rise bodily from the dead to prove the Father accepted His sacrifice and as a down payment of His people’s own resurrection, and ascend back into heaven in that same glorified physical body to rule and reign until He appears in glory. The foundation of world redemption pivoted upon what happened for three years in Galilee two thousand years ago, and even more narrowly over three days in the spring of AD 30. Read more

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